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Working Hard!

Over the past few weeks since my last update I have been working hard on my FMP works as well as work for my other assignments. For my FMP level I have just been making some smaller assets and getting them textured, and just simple building up more of the level and the story around it. I made some posters to go up on the walls, I had also added in books and papers and given them some textures. I have just been bringing everything to life and making it seem real.

One other thing that I added was some interaction. I spoke a little bit about this as something I wanted to do later down the line, so I took a break from texturing and added in some small animations. I made the globe spin round, the chest rock a little to give them impression it is locked, and I made the ladder go back and forth. I did this using a mixture of code (for the actual interaction), and Unity's animation system.

There haven't been any major changes to the environment over the last few weeks, just some bits here and there. I still have some more assets to add into the level, and some textures to do but that shouldn't take very long. Once I had done that I am going to start working on lighting and effects to add that little extra into the environment, and maybe some more interaction.

I did also figure out that the lighting breaks when I bake, and the objects aren't static. Usually you would do it this way as a test and so you aren't using up too much of the computers power; but obviously they vanish as show in the last post. Yet if I do a final bake, that's with all the objects static, they work fine. Only issue with doing this is that it can take several hours to do so, so it wouldn't be ideal to do very often. So for now I am working with unbaked lighting, and then when I am happy with the positioning, I will do a full bake.

Interaction Videos:

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