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Walls and Blinds

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

After creating some more assets for the environment, I went on an made the walls and the blinds to further the block out later. At the moment it just has basic shapes, but this will give me a better understanding on how things will look.

The first set I made was the wall that will divide the two office sections. From the few images I had found that this wall tends to have a bigger window then normal. This is so the offices can have more light pass through as the main windows used to be quite small. I added in some extra details for the wood pattern to try and make it look a little fancier.

I had made two extra section so that when I put the walls together, I don't have to over-lap the end section and distort the textures.

For the main walls I wanted to keep a similar sort of squared pattern at the bottom. I was going to have the bottom section stick out a little and act as a wooden board around the outside, with the top being wall-papered. I could have given the impression of it sticking out through texturing, but I felt it would work better physically.

The blinds were not too difficult to create, I got the sizing of the side bars from the window and then made one of the blinds and duplicated it. Once I had the first once made, I acted as it were a real blind. Instead of deleting the bars and just shrinking the side poles and squished it together so it didn't look like it was missing something. I had made several variations, including some that have been rotated open and closed, and will eventually add them into the environment and see what ones work best.

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