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Wall Textures

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

After the VR test I had decided to come away from making assets for now and started to do some texturing. When doing the base lighting, one of the reasons it didn't work really well is because the environment was just bland and grey. So what I am going to do is texture the main structure (walls, floor, ceiling) and see how the lighting works with those colours.

One problem I believe I may come across with my texturing is I will be using a lot of wood textures. They may clash with each other and just look too much. It will be difficult to get a distinct difference between them, but I can make some of the 'more used' items a little more wore, and make the things closer to the windows more bleached as it would be in the light a lot more than the rest.

For the base texture I wanted to get a set colour / pattern I was happy with, which is why I started on the middle section as it's the easiest to work with. I went for a wood panelling deign with the top section wallpapered. It was a little difficult to get the colour to match as the wallpaper texture always seemed to be too bright compared to the wood. I did eventually get a texture I was happy with so I went on and started with the other wall pieces. One trick my peer showed me, was you can put the textures into a folder and turn that into a 'Smart Material', which basically puts everything together, and saves it onto the tool bar at the bottom. You can then take that texture and put it straight on your other object without having to redo the whole thing. It does need a little altering at times but it is still much quicker.

After doing that for all the walls, I decided it didn't like my texture too much. It was way too clean for an office that's meant to be old and used and worn. So I went back in with the middle section and using a mixture of smart masks and procedural's I was able to make it a little more dirty and worn. I then created that into a smart material and added that onto the other walls.

I am happy with how they look at the moment but may change it later if it doesn't look to good within the level / if it doesn't work well with the light colours.

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