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VR Test #1

After working on my block out for a while now, I thought it was at a good enough position, and had enough in it that it would be good to test in Virtual Reality (VR). Converting the level into VR within Unity is very simple, all you need to do is tick a box that makes it VR compatible and the rest is done for you.

Previous test with the standard first-person camera have worked perfectly fine. Everything was scaled properly, you could easily walk around the environment, so I thought everything would be fine. It took a little while to set up and calibrate the headset and controllers as I had never done it before, but one of my peers was assisting me in the set up.

Sometime later and we had finally set up it and began booting up the level, and as soon as it loaded the first thing I noticed was everything was very, very big compared to the player. I had no idea why everything was either too big, or the player camera was so small, but something was off. The controls were also all over the place, depending on which way you were facing. This may have been a calibration error, or something I can set up within Unity. The final random issues that happened, was in one of the corners, if you wiggle around, you fall through the floor; however, this doesn't happen with the first-person camera.

Other than this it was a very surreal experience to not only your VR for the first time, but to see the work I have created right in front of my face. I also had a couple friends test it out to see what they thought. I am going to do a standard build of the game, not in VR and see if the same problems occur, and if so I will need to change a few things before I face any more problems.

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