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Video Editing & More

As I have started to come to the end with how much I can do with my level, I decided to start taking highly rendered videos and pictures to put forward for my final submission. I have two variations with my level, I have a coloured version, and an old fashioned, grainy black and white version. I wasn't sure if I was going to submit both of the videos or just edit them into one. After thinking about it for a little while and seeing what others thought I did end up putting them into one video with transitions in between.

A second video I did was a sort of building video, it was fly through the level as normal, and then cut away to a different camera shot where more and more assets would appear, up until the final effects. I thought this would be a good idea so that people can see what I did and see the changes from start to finish. I had also paired it to some royalty free music and match it to the beat.

I had been making these videos on a software called Davinci Resolve which I have never used before. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I took it step by step and searched up some tutorials online and got the hang of it very quickly. I had learnt the basics of the program and made loads of video variations all within a few days.

As I start to do a final render of the videos, I realised a mistake within the fly through. When the camera goes into the back office some of the roof panels are over lapping and are warping between each other. This was an easy fix but a long process as I had to move the panel, but then re-record the normal fly through and then add that back into the video.

Bellow show the many videos that I have been working on for the last few days, I am not going to upload the final videos here just yet, as they will be poster onto my website a little after my submission (in a few days’ time) as I want to make a separate page for the production.

My original plan for my environment was to convert it into VR and have players walk around it. But as everything change (because of the virus) my new requirements were to submit a fly through and some screen shots of my work. I didn't really feel like this was enough, so I have been working a little more on my environments and adding in small smoke effects for the cigarettes and cigar, as well as adding in some sound effect to the interactable objects.

Despite only needing to submit some screenshots and videos I still wanted to submit an .exe file with my environment so that people can get the full experience of what I have made. You can only see so much from a video, where in game you can hear the sounds, I chose for it and interact with the objects.

With just having a single level there isn't much need for any menus or anything, so I thought to myself how the player is going to quit the game. I was originally going to have just an exit button in the corner but then thought that to be boring and take away from the atmosphere. So, I came up the idea to have it on the door handle of the front door and have it so it’s like they player is actually leaving the office space. This keeps things simple and neat and don’t take away from the atmosphere or the experience, if anything it adds to it.

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