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Vertex 2020

Work had been going a little slow for the past few weeks, as we have been preparing lots of work for the event of Vertex. Vertex is an industry tech event all different companies come and set up stands and workshops to show off any new work and give advice to students like myself. As well as these stands, they have some amazing guest speakers who talk about their experiences and how they got to where they are, and upcoming or new technology that will change the future of the industry.

I went to a few different talks whilst at Vertex, the first one being Izzy Burton. She spoke about her journey into the industry, and about her work. She gave good advice by saying everyone will perceive your work differently and react in a different way; which can be a good thing as they may talk about something you didn't think of. Another talk I went to that I found very useful was a VFX talk done by Ruairidh MacNeill from Framestore. I got some great advice when I came to texturing, and getting my work looking very high quality, and also a good way of displaying my work on my portfolio. A third talk I went to was by Goro Fujita who was talking about storytelling with VR. As I am going to convert my environment into VR this was very handy for me, and he gave a lot of tips about scaling and transitions and moving the player around that I didn't even think of.

Overall it felt like a very successful event. I didn't talk to as many people as I would have liked to at the stands, but I made sure to ask lots of questions to the guest speakers. I got lots of advice and information that I can take forward and implement into my work to make it better, and to make my work stand out to the industry.

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