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Typewriter Two

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Unlike the last few models where they have been very similar, this second typewriter I cannot use the base of the last one. It follows the same sort of patter however, but the bases are different shapes and sizes. As with everything I am going to make this model look fancier and do better texture to try and make it look more expensive so it will fit into the big office.

I started off with and simple cube and slanted one of the faces, and then added in some edge looks to delete certain faces and create the gap. I need to be careful when adding in the edge loops as the top section is going to be curved, which could throw off the rest of the model. The feet were just simple cylinders with the top and bottom faces removed and a bit extruded at the bottom. The base model was completely new, however the keys I had copied over from the last type writer, it would have taken way too long to re make all of them, and if they are already done, I may as well use them. I will just change the colours when it comes to texturing. I did have to move them around a little so they fit into the gap created.

The next section was meant to be curved across the top and show all the little arms that would move when the keys are pressed. But this would take way too long and wouldn't work very well with the model, so I decided to leave the arms out. The curves that I made using the edge loops helped a lot and gave a nice indication on where it would go.

The two cylinders on either side were also taken from the previous typewriter and added into this one which works well with the curved edge. As well paper holder section, this was taken from the last typewriter as a base but some of the bits had to be changed to allow it to fit in.

When smoothed out, and the detail added this typewriter looks really sleek and professional and it worked much better than I expected. I feel like when I add the texture to this (as long as it's unwrapped correctly) it can look very good.

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