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Typeface Research

For part of my level, I am going to have the words 'Main Office' on one of the doors and 'Office 19' on the front door, or maybe 'Main Office' on the front door and 'Detectives Office' on the other; it depends on what works better, and what people thing of the designs I make. I wanted to add labels to the doors, so it seems like it's not some random office, but part of a big complex.

Using the text 'Main Office', I have collecting some base designs from Da Font just to give me and idea. I wanted to go for a very bold / blocky typeface, that was simple but stood out. The windows are the doors are going to be quite messy to the text needs to be bold to stand out.

Some of the design are just bold, and some have a nice outline around it. I like the top one as it feels like the style of the outline would suit the best for the time period but in not a huge fan of the font. The style bellow that I really like, it's not very bold but the long style of it makes it seem very strong and professional. The outlined version doesn't work as well as it looks like something from a College in America.

The top two designs on the second picture look quite nice, the small point on the 'M' just gives it a whole new shape and looks very different from the rest.

I will mostly likely be keeping them in black and white as that style works a lot better for my environment, and it would stand out more with the dirt. I will get the opinions of my peers to see what ones they prefer or where I could improve. One thing I will definitely change is the positioning of the text; I don't really like it next to each other as it makes it seem too long, and I don't think it would even fit on the window (if I make it big), so I am going to re-arrange it and put the 'Office' bellow.

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