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The Typerwiter

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Being an old fashioned, journalist style office, one of the main things you would expect to see in it would be typewriters. I had a few reference images and the one I created seemed to be the most simple. The reason I went with that style is because I wanted it to feel like its a cheap office space, and they were cheap typewriters that had been mass produced and just put everywhere.

I started with a simple box to get the base shape of the typewriter. From that I started making the gaps, and extruding the edges to flesh it out a little more. Referring back to the images I had to add a little cylinder joint on either side. At first look I thought the keys would be the hardest part of making the model, but it was probably one of the easiest. I just had to make one and then duplicate it a lot. I moved them to the side by 2 each time to keep it consistent and looking neat.

The paper holder section was a little difficult do as it's hard to see how it's put together. I first added in the bar where the paper is going to sit, and then added in the cogs either side. This section consists of a lot of part that can just be copied the make things easier. One mistake that I made that I didn't think of at first. Is where I had duplicated the keys several times, I hadn't unwrapped them, so I had to go back and do that and duplicate them again. Then once again after I had UVed everything, and started adding in the detail, I had to duplicate and move them once again.

Like the desk I decided to do a quick texture test to see how things would. I chucked on a brass texture as that is similar to the colour / material I want it to be. Overall it works quite well on the model, and the texture is clear. There is just some slight stretching in the texture around the more thin edges. The reason for this was in the UV, them faced where very thing, meaning the texture couldn't detect it very well which leads to it being stretched. It's not to hard of a fix as I just have to re-arrange the UV a little and update the scene.

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