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Ready Set Game!

Ready Set Game is a small event that has been set up by myself and my peers in the Year 3 Games Design course. In partnership with the University we have created an event where students can come along and just have a break from usual lessons and play some games, eat some food, and just chill out. It's open to College Students and Uni Students of from any course, and we aim to make it something big.

We have had 2 events so far, one back in September and the second yesterday, the 29th November.

The event isn't just about people playing games and having fun, for us games students it's more. For us it's a chance to show off the course and try to get people more interested and protentional join the course after college. It's a way for us to show off our own work and get feedback from strangers who don't know what we are doing.

Our course is very highly rated, and everyone creates amazing work, but the only problem is no one really knows we exist. In or outside of the College / University, so this is also a chance for us to advertise who we are. We plan to do this every month to keep spirits high and keep people interested. The more times we do this, the more the word gets spread, the bigger and better we can make this event and maybe expand it to a bigger area for more games and activities.

More pictures will be taking and more posts uploaded when more events have taken place, or if something big happens between them.

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