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Quick Test

Whilst testing my level in Virtual Reality, I came across the issue where everything seems just way too big. After doing a quick test today with the normal first-person camera to see what was wrong, I found out that nothing way wrong!

Everything was scaled properly, and was looking quite good. It was a nice size office space, it didn't feel too cramped, and the player could walk around nicely.

This leads me to believe that there was a calibration error when setting up the VR headset and controller. As previously mentioned there wasn't a lot of room for me to move around in, which could have been one of the factors when setting up, as it couldn't work out the distance and height.

Knowing this, the next VR test that I do I will try and do it a bigger area, and get the calibrations correct. I am going to get some of my level textured first before I do the next test.

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