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Motion Capture!

Every year each course gets a set budget, and with that they can purchase things that will help benefit the course. One of the things bought for our course was a 17 neuron Motion Capture suit from Axis Neuron Pro. Motion Capture is a new evolutionary way to create animations form real life motions. Most CG films these days will be use motion capture to get a more fluent motion for their animations. Thanos from the recent Avengers movies had months of motion capture footage put together to get a more realistic character.

We currently only have a 17-neuron suit, which means we can capture basic body movements. But after a few weeks of testing the suit we have, we are looking into getting the full finger and hand rigs as well. The first time we set up the suit it took us quite a while, but now between me and one of my peers we can do it in around 5-10 minutes. Whenever we use the suit, he is the one that usually wears it (or whoever we are showing it to) and I am the one that works with the program.

After a couple weeks of testing the suit we had then started showing it off to different departments are showing off the tech. We have shown it to the college marketing team, performing arts students, animation students, other games students, and even some people from other colleges who were having an open evening. The aim was to try and branch our connections and get everyone involved some one day we can hopefully do cross collaboration work with other departments.

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