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Maya Broke!

Last Thursday I had a deadline for one of my projects, everything went well, and I submitted fairly early, so I decided to work on my FMP for a bit. I noticed something strange that I had never seen before; every tool in the poly modelling section wasn't there. I didn't question it at first as I thought it was just Maya being funny, so I left it until the next day.

When I loaded up Maya again the next day, the same problem came up; there was nothing there. I just thought I may have scrolled along the tool bar which hides the tools as I have done that before, but it wasn't that. I tried loading a fresh project thinking it was just that one but the tools where completely gone. When I was clicking off and on the tool bar, I noticed an error come up at the bottom, saying 'the tools cannot be read'. I knew this wasn't good, so I went straight to the internet to find out what was wrong.

After hours of searching I could find a clear answer as to what had happened or how to fix it. Some others had the same issue and they were told to mess around with some of Mayas core code, which I did not want to do in case I break things further. I decided to then leave it for the weekend and come back to it.

Some of the things that I tried was resetting Maya, resetting the preferences, updating it, uninstall / reinstalling it; but none of that was working. One of the times when the warning appears on the scrip editor, I decided to open it, and I was reading what everything was saying. One of the things I noticed, was it had a file path which lead to the folder that holds all the scripts for the tool shelf! Then as I was looking in each .mel file the one for poly modelling was empty. The file for some reason was empty, so Maya was trying to call information that wasn't there which is why nothing was appearing on the shelf.

So, my first thought was to ask one of my friends to check their scripts to see if they had anything in there and they did. So, he sent over the information and I put that into my script and once I loaded up Maya everything was there and working properly! I made this post to show not everything goes well, and if anyone has this problem appear, now you know how to fix it.

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