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Main Office Desk

The next asset that I decided to start working on was a second desk that I will be using in a separate room. I'm designing the environment where you start in a row of copycat desk to give the impression it's a dull office, and then at the end you enter this grand expensive looking office. This gives the impression the boss of the company isn't good to his employees and saves all the money for himself.

Similar to the previous desk I started with the draw. I wanted to make this seem more grand, so I made it a little bigger than the last. The initial design seems quite simple, so I tried to add some indents and small bits of detail to try and make it more interesting.

The top section wasn't too complicated to create so it didn't take me much time to do. As mentioned, it's quite a simple design but one other thing I can try to do if when texturing make it look sleek and fancy, so that it stands out and looks like a more expensive desk compared to the other ones.

Unwrapping was also fairly straight forward, it's just a case of putting the cuts in the right place so that the UV can flow nicely. Overall this is one of the easiest models that I've got to make, I just have a lot of small things to add in to make it feel like a real office space.

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