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Lots of Textures

I have been working on texture a lot of my assets that will shortly be put into my level. I have made several variations of each so I can make things look different in the office. The assets that I have been working on are the books, lamps, other lights and soon the coats and hats.

I need to have a bigger variation of colour for the books, as I need to fill up the whole bookshelf and not make it too repetitive. I currently have 4 book designs with 3 colours each, but I plan to do more. I can't do too drastic colours such as bright pink or yellow as they just wouldn't suit. I didn't give the books titles as they wouldn't been seen, but if I were to put books laying around the environment I will add some in.

This is the same with the big lamps, I couldn't give them too strange designs, but vintage lamps did have a bit of a flair to them which I tried to capture a little, but keep it matching with the level, and time period.

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