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Lighting Test #2

After a little more feedback and many more hours, I have been working hard with the lighting and got to a very good point. This time around I had added in Post Processing effects to really bring out all the colours and make everything look a lot better. It took some time, and a lot of going back and forth but I finally got it looking really good. I didn't encounter many problems when doing all this, only that one of camera settings kept changing which was an easy fix.

With Post Processing, I started by adding in some gloom, at first it wasn't working so I had to change a couple settings for it to activate. But when it did, it instantly made everything look a lot nicer and brighter. It made all the lights really glow and feel more real. I then added a very slight vignette to during the focus in without changing to field of view on the camera. Next I used colour grading just to adjust some of the colours and make some stand out more than others. Once I did that, I added in some ambient occlusion to darken some of the shadows / add more shadows where the light hasn't affected it. With this I didn't want to make it straight black, I made it a more blueish tint so that I didn't need to add in blue lights, and so that it darkens one side but compliments the main orange light.

After I did all this and I was scrolling through my camera angles to see how everything looked, in some you couldn't really see any of the rays which is what I wanted. So, I thought I will just try adding in a second directional light. The light from the sun covers almost everything and goes in many different directions and relaxes off certain surfaces etc, so adding in a second directional light gave me a lot more diversity. One of the things I did was change it to a lighter white/orange colour to try and take away from the straight orange light, and this worked really well and both colours mixed perfectly.

After all of that I decided to add a slight blur around the outside of the camera, to again draw the focus more towards the centre, I am not sure if I am going to keep it or not yet, but it's easy to turn on and off. I have included screenshots bellow of both with and without.

I am still going to do little bits here and there to see what I can improve on, maybe change some of the colours around, but for now I would say that my environment is very close to being done. There are a couple effects I want to try out which would work really well for the time period.

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