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Lamp Designs

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Following on from the first block out I did, I went away and had created two lamp models. They are both very similar in style however when it comes to texturing there will be a distinct difference.

I started off with a simple cylinder and removed the top and bottom faces. I had then extruded the faces inwards to create the base, and then extruded it up and shaped the stand. When making the lamp shade holder, it always came across quite awkward and was a strange shape. At times it would look too big compared to the actual base and it just didn't seem like the right shape. However, when I did add in the shade it fit in quite nicely.

To change the design a little I made the fancier lamp have a beaded handle, and when it comes to texturing, I am going to make it a simple black and golf colouring. Then with the second lamp it will be a brass with a semi-transparent green shade, as I am going to try and make the light glow through the glass.

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