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Industry Week

This week at Uni we had one of our industry week events. This is where different people from all areas of the industry come in and give talks, and occasionally meet the students.

Some of the talks that I went to were Michael Morgan, a character animator who has done work on Star Wars - The Clone Wars (TV series) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Another talk I went to was one done by Jamie Middleton, who is and animator and CEO / founder of The Animation Guys. The third talk I went to, to end the week was an amazing talk done by motion capture artist / actor Ace Rule, who later came back to HE Games area where we got to talk with him more and get his help and opinion on the work we are doing.

All the talks were very good and gave an insight into what the industry maybe like, and what they had all been through to get to that point. It shows that anyone can get anything and as long as you work hard and keep yourself in the right mind set you can go very far.

I took some picture from when Ace was helping us work with our own motion capture suit and giving us game students and some performing art students advice on how to make our work feel more real and how to make ourselves stand out from the rest.

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