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Game Managment

Following on from the previous post, one of my other projects that I have been working on was games management. For this I had been making models, creating effects, and designing some of the UI for the game we are creating.

The game we are making is called Galaxy Get Away, and it is a sci-fi perspective puzzle game. The story is you come across a strange robotic alien race that seem to be friendly. But when we start poking around to see what / who they are they become hostile and you have to escape.

We wanted a very simplistic style when making this game, so that’s what I went for when making my models. The level construction works off of blocks, so they can be easily strung together, and a 'path' can be made for the player to follow. For that I had made some block designs, some building designs and portal designs.

I wanted to display my work here, as well as out teams’ website, so that I could show the things I have been working on, as well as my FMP.

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