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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

For my research I had started by making several mood boards show the sort of designs I want to try and produce. I have collected some images of different games and real-life environments that I will be using to help my design and create my levels.

Office Level

These are some of the images that I collect that I am going to use as references for my Office Level. As show above, I have some images showing the designs and layout of the offices, and how manic they can be. This is what I mean by I may only be able to create one of these levels as there is so much to it and lots of little details I will need to cover.

From the other images you can see the type of lighting I am going to be producing. This is called Volumetric Lighting, and this is work I was working with last year. I originally used a plug-in called Aura, but towards the end of Year 2 there was an upgraded version called Aura 2 which is way more powerful and looks a lot nicer.

Many of the smaller assets are simple and can be duplicated and placed in several areas with an issue. But the bigger assets will need a little more time and effort to make them look good.

Town Level

I had collected some images of old medieval towns, current more modern versions, and some images from several games; Skyrim, Dragons Dogma, and The Witcher. These show the sort of design and layout that I would like to produce if I move forward with this idea, but the only issue is they are all during the day. I would need to do a little more research to see how the lighting would work, and maybe jump into the games myself and look around and take screenshots to see how things look first hand.

This idea would be equally as detailed as the first, however depending on the size that I make the village it could still feel a little open and empty without other people walking around. Which then leads me to the idea of modelling and potentially rigging a couple characters that could wonder around.

I am learning more towards the office space and I would like to try my skills with an indoor environment. I touched on it with my previous project, but it didn't turn out as well as I thought. This year I want to really push myself and try to make the best piece of work that I can.

Asset List

I had created a quick asset list for both levels to help my keep track of the progress of each asset within my level. I have put in some of the bigger / main assets into the list from what I could think of, but as I start making more and coming up with new ideas I will add them into the list until I have everything.

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