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First Block Out

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

After having some of my assets modelled out I decided to put them into Unity and make a simple block out. I started by getting a base shape for the office by laying down the floor and some walls. For now I have just used cubes in Unity to make the walls and pillars but I will make more detailed models in Maya along with several different blinds that fit over the windows.

Once I had put in the walls and pillars I decided to add in the desks and a first person controller from the asset store. I wanted to have to rows of desks back to back with each other but I wasn't sure how many I could fit in. So when putting down the floor I had an even amount of plains and kept them all the same size. I then used where the plains touch as a marker to place the desks in a coordinate place. Doing this also placed the pillars in the centre of the two desks back to back. I had to re-arrange the desk a couple times because there wasn't much space to get around, and this problem may occur again when I add in the chairs.

I added in a simple roof so I could get an idea on how the lighting would work. I first put the lights down the middle of the building but I didn't really like the way it looked. The lights also didn't reach the edges of the building which made it quite dark. So what I decided to do was double the lights and put them across each side to try and light up as much as I can. I am going to put small lamps either on the desks or self standing to add a little more light later.

Using a city generator script I got from the internet, I made a city within Maya and then imported it into Unity. I wanted to give the impression my office was high up in a city so rather than making it smaller I lowered the city around it. I am going to add in some fog later on to hide the ground and make it seem like clouds. The city around works well however you can see past the buildings a little into nothing which I will need to try and hide. Another thing is texturing the buildings, where its just a scrip it wont have a proper UV, so it would be difficult to texture the city. But what I could do is make my own buildings around the office space and texture them and try to hide the others. Or darken the surroundings so you can't tell if the buildings are textured or not. I will try both but may go for the first idea.

I am going to make some more models and add them into the block out, then when it has a little more in it I am going to see what my peers thing, and see where I can improve. I may also do a basic lighting and effects test to see how it would look with the idea I am going for. There is a lot of small things that I need to create to make the office space feel real so I will need to working quickly and plan my time well with my other assignments.

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