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Facial Motion Capture

Leading on from the motion capture suit, we had discovered an app that allows you can record your face and link it to a rigged character on Maya. This link allows you to move your face around, moving the characters face in real time. This is one of the things they did when making the character Thanos that I spoke about before.

This software is rather expensive and still in the early test stages at the moment and is only available for iPhone. The company has allowed us a week trial to test the software and see if we like it.

Trying out all these new, modern day pieces of technology puts us at an advantage when going into the industry. We are getting ahead of everyone else and we are experiencing and learning these technologies now rather than later. We can then incorporate these software's and technology into our work and make something amazing which will get us noticed.

We are going to do some futher testing with this technology and when we start to use it a little more, and maybe show it to other departments like the regular motion capture I will write up another blog post talking about what we were doing.

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