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Extra Assets

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Over the break I have just been working on some extra assets that will be added into my level. They are all very simple assets and didn't take too long to make.

The first thing I worked on was making a couple filling cabinets, both the same design except ones a double. All the draws are separate so later on I would be able to make them intractable, and have the draws open and close.

Secondly, I made a big bookshelf that I wanted to stretch across one of the walls. It looks like it was long object, but to make it easier, and to keep to poly count low, I made to separate ones and put them together; and then for the high poly joined them. Keeping them separate works well as I could take one of the shelves and use it somewhere else if I so choose.

Of course, if you have a book shelf you are going to need some books. Now I wasn't going to make hundreds of different books, I was going to make several and then several textures to give a variation. I have only done four at the moment but I will make some more when I start adding them into the proper level, and not the block out.

As well as the books I made a few stacks of paper that will be displayed around the office. I started by stacking one plane onto of the other, and then realised how stupid that was and that it would take me forever. So what I did instead was get a cube, extrude some of the edges, and then flatten it down to give the impression of a paper stack. Doing it this way may also allow me to add a slight texture to it as paper isn't always pure white, especially if it's been sitting there for a while.

The last few assets I had were actually some of my old asset that I took and thought could work well within my level, I neatened them up a little bit, re un-wrapped them, and then did a proper high poly version. The chest I may not use as the style doesn't fit very well, so I will make another and see how that looks instead.

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