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Effects & Little Bits

I have been working hard and finished off yet another assignment, which leaves me with just my FMP, and FMPD. After performing a presentation for the last assignment, the other day, I went straight back to work with my FMP.

I been doing small bits here and there again and just adding in some extra detail. I made and added in a couple pencil pots around the office space just to add some more character, as well as adding in some coffee mugs here and there. I feel as though the modelling side of things is slowly coming to an end as I have made everything I can think of. It is just small assets that can be added in to bring the story to life through the environment. The next step (of which I have started) would be to add in effects and lighting.

One thing I have wanted to add in since the start was particle effects. This is just to add some more realism to the level. In real life you wouldn't really be able to see dust all that clearly, unless its shining in the sun. But when it comes to games you have to over exaggerate things a little in order to make them seem more real. I have done 3 tests for particle effects just to see what one looks the best. The first one the particles and spherical, and the next two are box shapes with the second (or the third video) being a little smaller. I couldn't decide on what one I prefer, so I sent them to one of my friends to see what they thought. They said they like the smaller cube one, but it would be better if the density was a little lower.

The videos bellow all looks very similar, but the shapes are different, they are just very small. All three where made with the particle effects tool in Unity.


Cube (big):

Cube (small):

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