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Double Desk Chairs

After I had made the block out of my level I went on to creating the chairs for the desk. I wanted them to be quite different in style; I wanted the first to be simple and plain to match the desks, and then have the second grand and nice. It was quite difficult to find a design that I liked for the plain chair, as there were so many, but I did eventually find one that suited the style. As for the bigger office chair I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, so after a quick search I easily found some more reference photos and got to work.

Office Chair One:

Just like before I started with the base of the chair and I worked my way up the model. The base was straight forward to create as it was a simple cylinder with the same leg duplicated around the outside. The seat section of the chair was just a simple cube that I added in some extra edge loops to and moved around to make it more rounded. As this is just the low poly version it doesn't matter much for the harsh edges, that will be correct in the high poly model.

The arms on the chair were a little difficult and took me some time to do. I couldn't get the right curve that I wanted whilst using the 'bend' tool. So what I did was I tried the 'create polygon' tool draw out the curve using a flat plane and once I had the right shape I extruded the faces out and made the arm.

Office Chair Two:

The start of this chair was very easy as all I needed to do was copy over the bottom section of the previous chair and use that. I did change it slightly so it wasn't exactly that same and I made it a little bigger. This chair is going to be a big, leather, cushioned chair, so I wasn't really sure on how I would be able to create that. I started by marking out the dips with edge looks, making sure to keep them all the same size. Where the lines crossed I then dipped quite a bit to give them impression it;s sewn down. The low poly version doesn't get the plumpness I wanted it to, but when I smooth it out the object works well.

For the arm joints I decided to take the legs of the globe and use them, as that was the exact design I wanted to go for. I needed to rework them a little as when I shrunk the, down they looked squished and out of shape, but they do work well with this chair. They are also already unwrapped which makes it easier for me.

The curved bar that sits on the joints was difficult to create as it was an awkward shape and I needed it to fit on each joint. One thing that I tried was I duplicated the seat, and where I already have a curve that fits with the joints, I deleted all the unnecessary faces and was left with the curve. I had to make it a little bigger as it was a bit thin but it fit over the top nicely.

Finally, I moved on to making the back part of the chair. By doing this I started with a basic cube shape and moved the ends forward to get the first curve. For the second curve I used the bend tool to curve it backwards. This did stretch the sides out quite a bit where I had moved the faces forward, so I added in some extra edge loops horizontally to allow the bend to be smoother. Adding in the indents was more difficult than the seat as it was a more complex shape. It seems very boxy and has lines sticking out even when smoothed out so I will need to try and re work the edge loops to make sure that doesn't happen.

As with everyone of my assets I start by creating the low poly version, unwrapping it, then added in the detail and making it high poly. However I will not show the UVs every time as it's basically the same thing each time and also very boring to look at. But I will show the progression of the models and how they look when high poly.

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