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Collaboration #4

Updated: May 5, 2020

In the last month or so I was asked by another animation student if I could help them build a scene for their animation. They were doing a medieval style animation, and I had already been making a medieval house to test my skills so I happily accepted that. They were mostly getting their models from online, but any that needed improving, or anything that they couldn't find they would ask me.

I started off by making a house for his main character, and that didn't take me too long to fully complete as I didn't have much to do at the time. I created it in Maya and took it over to Substance Painter where I made the textures. It was a good test to create this style of house as it has a lot of wood panels that outline the outside. The bricks were a little difficult to do when texturing, as I was not able to get them as rounded as the design, but they still worked quite well. Before sending the model, I decided to add a little flair and add in a path and some grass.

A little while after they asked me again if I could make a training dummy, and I thought that would also be good because it's almost like making a character which I'm not good at, so this would be good practice. I used simple shapes in Maya and managed to create a good-looking training dummy for a first attempt. I went to add in some detail in Mudbox around where the rope ties the body together but for some reason it wasn't accepting the model, so I had to do it a little in Maya which still turned out okay.

After that I made a third simple gate model that they wanted to use for a stone wall they were putting together. I had offered to make them several wall section that they could use to put multiple different walls together, but they wanted to try it themselves.

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