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Collaboration #1

I had been approached by a student from Year 3 Animation course and asked for a little bit of help. They are creating a stop motion animation for their Final Major Project and needed some help envisioning a big part of their work into 3d. She is a big 2d animator and loves stop motion, so she decided to do something big. I happily accepted to help as I was just talking about doing work across different courses, and it would put my skills to the test in a more professional manor.

I was asked to create a 3d model of 'Bloody Mary's House', it's not just a standard box house it's quite curvy and wonky which I thought would be really interesting. I also said I could take it one step further and texture the house so she could see what colours work best.

I first started by getting the basic shape of each segment of the building. The middle section was a little difficult to do as the bottom part was curved inwards and the middle goes up. When I was lifting the middle section up the bottom part would stretch a little and loose the curve. So I tried added in an extra in between the two sections to separate them, which seem to work a little bit.

I wanted to keep each part of the building separate as this makes it a lot easier when it comes to making the model. If I were to try and do it as one object it would turn out quite messy and would just take a lot longer to make. I decided to add in a little plane to act as the ground, so it allows me to get the sizing right and not have things underground.

After I got the shape of the house down, I went on to make the front walk way. I first made it more ruined and broken compared to the drawing, as I thought it may work a little better. But then I decided to get rid of that and make the proper walkway from the drawing, because that's what I was meant to do. I also added in a couple small lamps that I had modelled for a previous project as I thought it would work well with this house.

Once the base structure was made, I went on to putting the roofs on top. Most of the roof were fairly simple, I started with a cube and then shrunk the middle into a point. I had then exaggerated the end points, so they stick out and indented a middle edge loop to get a more defined curve and not just a straight face.

The pointed roof was a little more difficult to create as a having one edge making the point at the top it doesn't work very well. From the drawings, most of the roof are very curved, but when I was adding in the curve for the pointed roof it would merge into the building bellow it; this happened as well when I smoothed out the objects. So I had to shrink the buildings point so it doesn't stick out through the roof and doesn't leave a clear gap. It took a little time to get all the roof on and looking right but I feel as though they suit the building.

Some of the roof corners do go into each other a little bit which I feel adds to the aesthetic. It's not a perfectly normally house, it's a crooked, stylised house so it will have section that will look different or stand out more, even if they look wrong.

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