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Collaboration #2

Updated: May 5, 2020

Since the last collabortation post, I had shown the person from animation what I had created, and they were very happy so far. The next step that I did to the house was adding in the windows to the house.

When making them all I really did was take a cylinder and delete the top and bottom faces, then stretched it into an oval. I had then extruded the faces in to make the outer frame. Before I deleted the faces, I had made a second object that's the same size as the frame, I used this to create the glass for the windows, and it's easier to work with when its separate. And then the cross section is just a cube with the faces extruded each way.

The windows on the drawings are all very similar sizes, but I thought it would work a little better to have them as different sizes. It adds more of a varation and it works well with the different sized buildings. After showing the windows I was asked to make them a little more wonky so that it matches the house a little more.

She was happy with the base model had turned so I began adding in the detail and smoothing everything out. I took the bottom left section (if facing the house) and I duplicated it and took it to the side. I did this to show different forms of curves to see which one would be preferred. The left was a harsher curve as it had extra edge loops controlling it, whereas the right only had the one, so it came out smoother. Instead of using one or the other, we decided that certain curves would work for certain structures and having the difference would make it seem quirkier.

The buildings were easy to unwrap and add detail to as they are just simple cubes. The roofs were a little more difficult to unwrap as they are awkward shapes. It's simple in the sense that are just exaggerated cubes, but they are awkward shapes which means the UV can be warped if not controlled. I will later take this high poly version and bake it onto the low poly to get the detail as I have done with previous models.

As the house is going to be set up on a hill, I decided to lower the edges of the plane, and add in a few bumps to give it a better ground impression. Another thing I did was chuck in a couple of my older asset to add in some extra bits and make a small environment out of it.

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