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Building The Level

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Before I could start adding in the textures, I had to change around to block out so that it is my actual assets. One thing I like to do is keep things organized and separate, so if I do something wrong, I can go back to it. I duplicated my block out scene and re named it to 'Level_Texture' so that me and other people know, this is the one with added textures. This isn't how everyone works, it's just something I like to do so I can always refer back to the work I just did and to show the progression.

I started by adding in the walls around the building which took some time. One thing Unity can do is snap objects together, so you don't need to sit there trying to get it perfect. However, it doesn't always work very well; if it were the same object, for example my flat wall, it works fine, but if I'm trying to snap my flat wall to the corner section, it puts one inside the other. This isn't a major issue just a slight inconvenience as it takes time to get it perfect so you can't see they are separate.

The windows were a little different to the ones I made in the block out. They were a little higher than I realised but it still worked fine. One thing I thought was there are too many windows, and the gap between them is too small, so what I was going to do was change the second and fifth windows from the picture and put them as normal walls.

As I was putting the walls together one small thing I had to change was the floor panels, just to get them the correct size as the walls turned out to be a little bigger than the block out. Another thing that I still needed to do was make a doorway and doors for both ends of the environment. I thought the walls may be closer together so I could just add in a door, but they weren't.

When I completed the walls, one thing my friend said to me was the office looked way too boxy, he suggested to add in an indent in one of the corners to give it some more shape. I added one in the end section and he was right, it did bring a little more shape to the office, I may put another one in somewhere but there isn't much space for another, I will have to see later when I add in some more assets.

I'm not too happy with the windows in the back office, they seem to close together, I will decide on whether or not that will change when I add in the blinds and the textures.

I had also gone back into Maya and created two door frames and door for each side. It was too complicated to do, as all I had to was take the existing wall, widen it a little and then add a cut out to the middle. The doors are the same as well except the window on one is a little higher than the other. They will be textured differently as well just to show that variation.

Next I will add in the blinds and then I am going to start adding in the textures so I can see how everything is going to look, just in case I need to change anything now rather than later when it could be too late.

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