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Basic Lighting

Moving on from the last post, I decided to do a bit of basic lighting for my environment to see how the shadows will turn out, and if everything can be seen. One thing I was working to fix was the dark areas in the corners of the office that I spoke about before. After some more feedback on my level, more people said it would be better to have the pillars to one side, to give more of a walk way. With this I was able to move the light across and get a bigger spread.

I wanted to go for a dim style, were it seemed like the office was just about to open. It was difficult to get the light spread across the room, so you can see, and then keep it dim. At first, I made it a little too bright for I wanted, but I could keep it this way and dim down the visuals when using post processing.

I was using to spot lights, one for the wider angle, and the second for the inner ring, that blends into the light. This makes it seem a little more realistic as light is always brighter towards the centre. I then dimmed the lights down before and change the colour slightly, but it was too overpowered by the main directional light. Blue lights work well alongside orange, however main office lights aren't usually blue so I will need to find a middle ground that allows the two lights to blend into one another nicely.

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