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Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I have decided to move forward with my office idea rather than the town one. I think this will be a lot more interesting and test my skills a lot more as it is a lot more complex and detail then the town would be.

With the town I would only need to make a couple house or market stools and use them in several areas. Whereas in this level there is far more too it.

As mentioned in a previous post I had only really touched on an indoor environment so I'm still not 100% on how to work around indoor lighting and how light bounces around a room. For this I may need to look into reflection probes, but first I will be to make the level itself.

I will start by creating some of the bigger assets, such as the globe or the desks, and then work my way across each asset.

I will be using the pipeline of model, unwrap, detail, texture, game, when it comes to my progression. This is a solid more organised way of working as it makes it much easier to know what you are doing and when it was done. Paired with the asset list I should be able to make good progression with my work.

Within my mood board above I only have a select few pieces displayed for my reference, so when I get into modelling more assets, I may need to make another mood board with more references.

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