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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Just like before when doing some work for a student in Animation, I had been approached by another. This time the task was a little simpler then the last however.

This student is wanting to go into game animation, and for that they need to learn character design and some other things. He is doing an animation with a Scottish character and he had made a bag for this character. He is able to model basic objects, but one thing he wanted help with was unwrapping.

Unwrapping can be rather simple, so I happily accepted in helping him. I have unwrapped some very complex models before and he had a very simple one which was a good start for him. The first thing I noticed was he had added in an inside to the bag, so I asked him will the inside be seen and he said no. So I told him the first thing is to get rid of any unseen or unnecessary face as it makes things easier.

As we went on, he was writing down notes and keeping track of the steps he needed to take. I showed him how to do it first and then un did the work I did and let him do it himself. He slowly got the hang of it and I told him if he needed any further assistance then he could always ask.

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