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Adding To The Block Out

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

It had been a while since I last updated my block out in unity and since then I have made many more assets. This time I started working on the big office area towards that back. This block out is just to give me an idea on how things will fit in with one another, and how I can fill in the space with the assets I have.

With some of the bigger assets I used the low poly models so I could get the sizing and positioning correct. But with smaller things like paper stacks, or a couple cabinets I simple used cubes. I started by adding in the bookshelves as they are the biggest part of this room. From pictures you can see how they stretch across entire walls and I like that design so I try to replicate that. However when doing this along the side wall the shelves weren't big enough. I tried to re size them or add another, and even when I got that right it just didn't suit the room. I then moved it to the smaller walls opposite to where the desk would be and that worked a lot better.

I was originally going to put the globe in the corner next to the bookshelf but it was just swamped by the size of it. So I tried scaling up the globe so it didn't see so small but this made it seems too dis-proportioned. As I was checking the scale of the globe with the first-person camera I realised the bookshelves were rather large. One idea I had was when you see a giant bookcase in a library for example, they will have a rolling ladder alongside, so I added in a simple cube as a place holder for when I add that in later. Then for a different scale I added in a small table to fill that gap, which will have a bunch of papers and documents all over it.

Once I had done this area I turned to were the main desk would sit. As I said before I used the actually low poly model for this, so I can get the sizing and positioning correct for later. I put the globe in the opposite corner to wear it was originally going to be. I thought it worked better there as I imagined the boss being at his desk, and rolling over on his chair to check out the globe and then move back to show employees where they need to go. I also chucked a couple of my assets onto the desk to see how it was work and to get an idea on how I could feel the space, and make it feel like a busy office.

I wanted to get a basic block out done before I worked on any form of lighting, but one thing I did try was changing the colour of the main directional light. The time of day for my level is set in the early morning sunrise, as you can get some of the most beautify oranges and reds; this is what I want to try and capture when I generate the proper lighting. So as I started a made the direction light a nice orange to try and match the colour of the sky box. There's a lot of dark space within the office as this also only has basic lights, something that I would need to try and work with so the player can see what they are doing. The effect I wanted where the light shines through the window is already working well despite on moving around the light and changing the colour.

One other thing I wanted to try was adding in fog, to try and make the city seem bigger than it actually is. In the lighting settings there is a fog option that allows you to add it in the distance. I wanted to use it for distance but also size, because if you can see the floor it gives the impression the building is very tall, when it actually isn't. This will come later on when I start using Aura 2.

Some feedback I did receive from a peer in regards to spacing, was the pillars that run down the middle of the office. He said it maybe a little difficult to walk down as you would be walking side to side constantly; He suggested the maybe move them to one side more to give a bigger walk way. However if I do this it will affect the positions I have put the lights in, as they run along the ceiling next either side of the pillars. There is a little space where I could move the lights directly over the desk if I were to do this, and that may light up the darker areas in the corners a bit better.

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