The Game 

Galaxy Get Away is a game that was made by a group of us at Game Ready Studios. This was a project that we worked on where we had made a sci-fi perspective puzzle game available for mobile devices (currently only android). 

The story is you play as a character named Cosmo on his first adventure to space, where he encounters a strange alien race called The Morse. As the player you must go through each level to help Cosmo escape these aliens and get back home. 

As it was our first project together as a team, we wanted to keep things nice and simple so we though a puzzle game would be the best for that. Not many games do perspective puzzles games so we thought it would be a good opportunity to get ourselves noticed. 

Level Design 

The level designs aren't too complicated at first glance, but there is a certain way things need to be built within Unity to allow everything to look good, and to flow properly. When you tap where you want to go the player follows the path, but behind the scene there is a line that the player runs along, and this line either connects of disconnected depending on what part of the floor is moving. This then allows the player to move across it like they are running along an optical illusion.


I did not do the level design for this project, that was down to our programmer as he need to put everything together and use certain code to get everything working. I did however build some of the assets for the game, along with my partner, and I did most of the effects. Below are images from my partner showing before and after shots, from one of the test to the final level with added effects 

Asset Development

As we were going for a simplistic style I didn't need to do much in depth detail with my models. We wanted to have a toned down colour scheme that was then boosted my emmisive colours that would light everything up. I started by making some teleporation pads that would act as the players end goal, so when they get onto it they would be taking to the next level. 

I then moved on to make some towers which would be used of background props to each level. I wanted to make something that could be used in mulitple different ways; for example the second tower is multi-layed and is all seperate objects, which means things can move moved around, or added, and that would create a completelly new tower for the game. 

With every asset I made, and with every texture that I did I made sure to do 2 to 3 other variations. This would then give the one putting the game together a choice of what they can add, and if everything were to be put in it would keep things different and fresh throughout each level. Below are a few that I made for the game.

Effects Videos

Just like the assets, I made sure to make several variations of effects that the game builder could choose from and add in. I started by making effects that could go on the tele-pad; with this I wanted something like Star Trek where it goes up their body. So I did several circular effects, some static and some that went up and then down. I then took then I changed them slightly and then changed them again into differnet colours. From this the builder decided they didn't want to use the pad as is broke the illusion, so I took the effects and tried to make something that looked like it was on the ground. 

I had also produced background effects for the game, which consist of simple dust / start particle effects that just float around and act like a wave of stars. And then something that will be into the game in a later development (as it is only a prototype right now) are my favourite effects I made, the shooting stars. Using a bit of coding and Unity effect I was able to pull off a nice train effect to emulate a shooting start. I was going for the exacted look, I wanted to make it a little more exaggerated and stylized compared to the simplistic style to make it stand out a little more. 

Galaxy Get Away

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