The Game 

Alone is a game that I had been working on for two years as part of my work at University. It is a Third-Person survival-horror game based in the future after the world went 'dark'.

You play as a man named Ethan Wood, who is an ex-marine and widow. You follow him on his quest for survival as he travels from place to place finding supplies and helping others out where he can. One day he comes across a place that is worse than it seems, and he has to face great challenges to escape. 

Level Design 

My game was going to start with the player walking through some woods, and eventually come across a strange house. There will be landmarks in between to break up to walk that will add little hints to the mystery of the house. It will then lead into the house where they player will be searching for supplies and then things start to get a little strange. The images below some of the progression of my environment from Maya to Unity, with finished Lighting and Effects at the end. 

Asset Development

When creating my assets, I tried to go with a run down, rustic theme as my world was post-apocalyptic. I had achieved this with a few of my assets however many of them could have been vastly improved. How then fit into the world though does world quite well. 

I always keep an asset list that helps me keep track of each models progression, and what stage they are are at. I begin with the low poly model, then UV, after that I add in some more detail and make it a higher poly, once that is done, I add in the texture and then put it into my game. 

Character Development

When making this game I wanted to try and make it 3rd person, but for that I would need to model a character. I wanted Ethan to look like a rugged man, and for the mysterious man to be wricked but still seem quite strong. It was difficult to do create the hair without doing each strand as a separate plain, however this was my first time, so I didn't know at the time. Ethan worked well within my environment and moved around nicely, but I didn't get to add in the old man. 


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