The Game 

The office was a piece of work that I did for my FMP. It is set in an early 1950s journalist office high up in a city. The aim for this project was to show off my level design skills, and my effects skills. 

Where this was just a simple environment, I also tried to build a story with the assets and posters I have put around the level. The brief story I had written up is you play as the main detective off the office, and you have been accused of a murder, or there has been a series of murders; and the goal would be to figure out who did it. 

It would be a murder mystery style game and may have some stealth elements to it as you travel around the city looking for clues and avoiding the bad guys trying to stop you.

Level Design 

I wanted to go for an early morning / sun rise time of day, as I feel the colours are most beautiful at this time. The oranges and whites all mix together perfectly and look stunning. I started by researching into other games that had done this so I could get an idea of what I am trying to achieve. I then looked into offices around that time period, as well as more up to date ones, and made an asset list of things I need to make. One I made a bunch of my assets using Maya and Substance Painter it was straight over to Unity to build the level.

I wanted to try and capture the sun rays you get in the early morning time. It is a little difficult to do this properly as you only get them at certain times and at certain angles. Below is the progression of my build in Unity from empty scene to the final thing. I had done everything myself; from the models, to textures, and to the effects. The only thing not mine is the skybox which I got from the asset store.

Asset Development

I knew that for this project I was going to take my time with my assets as I wanted them to be the best that I have made. I wanted to give them a semi-clean look as I wanted the office to feel used and old; so I added a bit of dust and dirt to everything. At first, I thought it would be a little difficult when texturing as I would be having a lot of different wooden materials everywhere, but I manage to make them all very unique and stand out. 

I am very happy with how all my assets turned out and I would say that are some of the best I have done. Below is the development off some of my main assets within my level. It displays the simple build process up to the final textures. I wanted to make the office feel busy which meant creating a lot of assets; at first it seemed very daunting but with careful planning and keeping track of everything I managed to do this pretty easily. 

Build Videos

One of the things I wanted to try out with my level, is take it back to the time period its set; so I made things black and white, and added a slight grain. I put both video together in the fly through to show a comparison of the two settings. Just like my level fly through at the top of the page, I decided to make a little building compilation so you can see what it took to put together my environment. I have also included some of the full turn tables I made for my assets that were put into my work showreel.

The Office

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